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Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Subject:London Hate Crime Vigil on Oct 30th
Posted by:queerunity.
Time:2:41 pm.
A candlelight vigil will take place in London's Trafalgar Square on October 30th to honor Ian Baynham a gay man who was murdered. Baynham, 62 was walking with a friend when he was attacked.

Homophobic hate crimes have been on the rise in London, just a few days after this attack a lesbian couple was attacked by a group of men. The complaints by the gay community is that little is being done to prevent homophobic hate crimes, police response is inadequate, and that the public at large needs to be made aware of whats going on.

Candlelight vigil and moment of silence:

October 30th
Trafalgar Square
8-10 PM

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Subject:Selling our fridge do to move
Posted by:lilith_de_sade.
Time:12:02 pm.
Mood: curious.
Mods: if it's not an appropriate topic, please let me know.

We're selling our lovely charcoal Siemens fridge freezer (model number: KG32U143/193). It's a few years old now, but has been very well looked after (not a single scratch), runs beautifully and is clean.

Inside, the shelves are made of toughened glass, with a handy bottle rack. Freezer has 4 compartments and is frost free. Also has an alarm if you leave the doors open too long and Agion anti-bacterial interior.

Originally bought for £780. Sadly we have to sell it since we're moving.

Selling for £200 ONO.
Pickup only on the weekend of October 17th - 18th.

Dimensions: Height - 185cm, Width - 60cm
Energy efficiency: A
Net Capacity Freezer in Litres: 96
Net Capacity Refrigerator in Litres: 192

Unfortunately it is no longer under warranty.

Look, photos! It's just like the monolith from 2001!Collapse )
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Subject:Flat up for grabs - x-posted
Posted by:lilith_de_sade.
Time:7:27 pm.
Hey guys, please delete if this isn't allowed (or at least point me into the direction of more appropriate communities). But the better half and I are selling our studio flat in North West London and thought some people might be interested.

Spacious studio flat with swimming pool, HendonCollapse )
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Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Subject:Guerrilla Busker in London!
Posted by:guerrillabusker.
Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: happy.
Hello world,

I am Kerry Leatham (AKA the Guerrilla Busker).

I am currently in the midst of a UK and Ireland busking tour, travelling to the most scenic locations and famous landmarks in the country.

The idea is to play one or two songs, capture that moment on camera and then post it on my website for all your lovely ears and eyes.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

I'm need your sugestions for places I should play. It can literally be anywhere so if you live or know of a location within the UK or Ireland you think will make a beautiful back drop then please let me know and i'll try my best to be there!

Also go to www.guerrillabusker.com for extra and exclusive footage of tour.

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Friday, February 20th, 2009

Subject:please vote for me!!!
Posted by:celiapunk.
Time:11:11 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Ok, so you may or may not have heard about the best job in the world.....well, believe it or not, I am up for it!!! so I am begging you to go to this link


and vote for me/give me 5 stars!!! I really want this opportunity, and I really think I'd be great at it =] so please please please! and if you feel so compelled to send this link on to anyone else to ask for the help on my behalf, I would be beholden to you! =]

much love!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!

[sorry if seen as not appropriate, if so, I won't be offended if it's taken down] =]
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Subject:London Meetup - Oct 26
Posted by:ladiorange.
Time:3:23 pm.
Change of Location and Final Reminder - LJ London Meetup

Hi, this is a final reminder and a change of location notice for Sunday's London Livejournal Meetup.

Date: Sunday 26th October 2008
At: The Salisbury by Covent Garden 90 St Martin's Lane, WC2N 4AP
Time: 1pm until 5pm
Event: London Livejournal Meetup

A place has been booked downstairs

A map and venue details can be found HERE. Please RSVP if you are coming at this link as well. Also RSVP if you are interested in attending future meetups.

To always receive the latest meetup information, please register your email at
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Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Subject:London Meetup - Oct 26
Posted by:ladiorange.
Time:3:21 pm.

London LiveJournal Meetup
Sunday 26th October 2008

There will be a London Livejournal Meetup happening soon and we hope you can attend.

Date: Sunday 26th October 2008
At: Knights Templar a Wetherspoon pub by Chancery Lane Station
Time: 1pm until 5pm
Event: London Livejournal Meetup

A map is provided behind the cut. Also, there may be a few people travelling from various parts of London so additional directions have been provided behind the cut.

To always get the latest information regarding London Livejournal Meetup Events, please let us know your email address HERE.

You can RSVP here

More information regarding this eventCollapse )

We appreciate everything you have to say to make events better. Better locations, better times, better information. Please email us at ljmeetuplondon AT googlemail.com at any time to tell us what you think.

Even if you do not plan to attend a meetup, please feel free to join to this community as all input is welcome.

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Friday, July 25th, 2008

Subject:Looking for somewhere to live?
Posted by:kotenok.
Time:12:21 pm.
I'm moving out of my current place, pending credit checks etc. It could be as quickly as two weeks time.

The house is a large, 3-bed terrace, huge lounge, big kitchen/diner, washing machine, dishwasher, lovely garden. The WC and bath/shower are separate, so no arguments over bathroom time!

The bedroom is a good double, with wardrobe, chest and double bed comfortably fitting. Location? Manor House, ten mins walk from the tube, or a couple by bus. Lots of local shops and amenities - big Sainsburys, Fitness First gym all within a five minute walk.

And the rent? A mere £400 pcm, plus bills. Bargain for such a huge house. Yes, that's right, HOUSE, not flat!

If you're interested, or know someone who is (and if so, please feel free to pass my email address on), drop me a line at cwaldren@gmail.com.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Posted by:beta_galactose.
Time:10:14 am.
Hiya, I'm an artist from London. I mostly do painting and drawing but I'm trying some sculpture and I just started stained glass making classes. I love it, and I'm so lucky to live in the best city in the world for every kind of art. I basically live in the National Gallery sketching from the masters :)

I wanted to plug I've been using for a while and it's about to have a site launch so they're asking members to talk up the service. It's called Spoonfed - London's Best Event's Site and does London event listings. It has way more than Time Out or any of the others, especially when it comes to art exhibitions, classes, quiz nites and tournements. You should all check it out!

The best part is, once you register, they give you events based on your interest or your location so you don't have to search through everything in London :).

Hope to see you around!
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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Subject:Tomorrow night at Shortfuse:
Posted by:duhbigman.
Time:9:42 am.
London's only weekly fusion of comedy and stand-up poetry presents a preview of:


-- a sketch show by Joe Wilkinson and Diane Morgan, whom the Evening Standard calls "clearly destined for greatness".
A chance to see the show before it takes up residence in the Pleasance courtyard for August '08.

Opening the show will be two top spoken-word artists, one from London and one all the way from Canada!

Thursday, July 10, 2008, doors at 8:30 p.m.
The Camden Head, 2 Camden Walk, Islington
Entry: £5 (£3 concessions)

Some Shortfuse shows do sell out!
To book a ticket in advance, e-mail tickets@shortfuse.co.uk.
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Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Subject:Tuesday: Poetry Shack Summer Garden Party!
Posted by:duhbigman.
Time:12:46 pm.
One of London's favourite poetry and spoken-word series is back on Tuesday:


...hosted by Jude Simpson and featuring three wonderful performers:

A.F. Harrold -- weird and insightful author of Postcards from the Hedgehogs

Carol Muskoron -- award-winning writer and pioneering video-blogger

Jeff Cottrill -- stunning Canadian spoken-word artist and satirist

There's an open mic as well. Bring a poem on a summer theme! There's a prize for the best poem: the winner gets a cucumber sandwich!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford Street
Entry: £5

(one pound off if you wear a hat, bring a horse or are a member of the Royal Family)

"One of London's hidden artistic gems" -- The Observer
"The Poetry Shack has a positive enjambment of talent" -- Evening Standard
Hope to see you there...
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Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Posted by:obcom.
Time:7:22 pm.
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Monday, August 27th, 2007

Posted by:vanilla_qm.
Time:3:28 pm.
Hey guys,
Just thought I'd let you know that I started this journal as a way to chronicle my "adventures" at Queen Mary, University of London (I'm about to start my course)... if you're interested, check it out!
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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Subject:New Club Night
Posted by:sorrowbyname.
Time:12:15 pm.

- Launch Night of new club 'Dangerous to Know', coming to Soho on the 3rd of August.
Club at:

84-86 wardour street

- There is no dress code, but it should be fairly busy, so to garuantee entry, make sure to dress up.
It costs £5 to get in with an ad or flyer until 11:30pm (£10 thereafter), but there should be flyers outside the club on the night, so just be sure to pick one up.

- For more information just go to:
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Subject:Metal/Rock night out at The Underworld, Camden
Posted by:africanashes.
Time:11:48 pm.
Swetbox is headlining THE UNDERWORLD, CAMDEN on Thursday 12th of July and they could do with all the support they can get! So please, if you love live music and would like to see a great line up of local bands then come to this event! They are on at 21:15 until 22:00 and the cost is£5, (£4 pounds with this flyer!)

They can be found on Myspace here: SWETBOX

Also performing:

Social Head Removal – SOCIAL HEAD REMOVAL

Toy Town Cash - TOY TOWN CASH

x-posted to a couple of other local communities
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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Posted by:duhbigman.
Time:1:19 am.
Great poetry and spoken-word night this week...

at the Old Crown Pub!

If you've got any writing you'd like to share with the world, come perform it in their open mic!
Or... just come for the entertainment and a few beers.

Feature acts include:
1) Guy J. Jackson
Filmmaker, writer and performer who takes to storytelling with a painfully comic collection of decadence, hedonism and lovely, life-affirming filth. Musical accompaniment by the versatile Clay Hawkins. www.myspace.com/storytellinguyjj

2) Jeff Cottrill
The notorious spoken-word satirist, all the way from Toronto, Canada, who likes to make his audience laugh, cringe, or preferably both. Warning: there will be wigs, puppets, and the occasional naughty word. jeffcottrill.coffeehouse.ca

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 8:00 p.m. (sign-up for floor spots at 7:30)
WHERE: The Old Crown Pub, 33 New Oxford Street (corner of Museum Street, nearest tube Tottenham Court Road)
COVER: Free!

Hope to see you there...
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Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Posted by:chynafox.
Time:2:12 pm.
i'm looking for a hairdressers in london that has really funky, talented stylists, and where i can get the yuko system and high quality hair extensions done...

if it comes down to it i can get them done in seperate places, but if i can i'd rather get it all done together...

any suggestions?
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Subject:iT's ToNiGHT!!
Posted by:as1_event07.
Time:7:51 am.
Mood: bouncy.

iT's ToNiGhT


  (N.B. Apologies for slight mistake on flyer - Event starts at 6pm)


The Berlin Girls.  P2J Project.   Perfectly Flawed.

Zoieanne Fashions.   Replica

and more!!!

Don't miss out!

As1 Rock London! Rock the World!


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Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Subject:a contemporary Faust, at 21 Wapping Lane
Posted by:not_waving.
Time:10:45 pm.
The preacher seems to come out of nowhere. Staring into my eyes, the only part of my face visible behind the mask, he takes me by the hand and leads me through a hidden door into his parlour. He locks the door behind him. The room is sparsely decorated, with a crucifix on the wall, and a single table. Through another door I can see a small bed, in a room with walls covered in newspaper sheets.

He sits me down in a chintz armchair, and takes a seat at the table.
"Are you a woman of sin, or are you a woman of God?"
He looks straight at me, his demeanour unwavering. I smile nervously, but he cannot see me behind the mask.
"Are you prepared to take the path of the righteous, and to stay on the straight road?"
I don't know whether I should say anything. It appears that silence is the same as agreement, for he takes my mask from my face and flings it across the room, before putting his ginger whiskered face right up against mine and screaming the word of God at me. I close my eyes.
He puts his hot hands on my face, runs them through my hair, pulling my hair clips out, squeezes my head between his palms and starts shouting: THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS!...

The ecstasy of religious devotion over, he hands me back my mask, puts his hat back on, and lets me back into the street - a neon apocalypse of sin in which he is the one Godly man.

This wasn't a hallucination, nor was it fiction I thought up on the train home last night. It was Faust, a contemporary and groundbreaking retelling transposed to the American Midwest in the 1950s.
The audience wear masks to differentiate them from the actors, who do not.
The set is built in a derelict warehouse, and spread out over 4 floors. The actors roam from scene to scene, to interact with other characters. We, the audience, can follow particular characters in their journey, or just roam at will, hoping to catch a vital scene, or a piece of dance.

There's a very good review here , but I don't think that neither I, nor any reviewer, could possibly put into words what was such a surreal and intoxicating night I feel utterly spellbound, by not only the story, but the whole experience.
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Subject:THE EVENT 07!
Posted by:as1_event07.
Time:10:43 pm.
Mood: energetic.

Have you marked it in your diary yet?

If not, why not?!





@ RICHMIX, Bethnal Green Rd


Don't miss out on a fantastic night of FREE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!

Featuring: Zoianne Fashions, Perfectly Flawed, Rap, Replica, Ruff Ryders and much much more!


See you there!!!

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